brexit, democracy and ‘the people’

'Enemies of the people' and 'The judges versus the people'. Headlines like these, in the Mail and Telegraph respectively, not only give a flavour of, but also create the outraged response to Thursday's high court ruling that parliament alone has the authority to trigger article 50. This (rather hurriedly-written) blog lays out some of my personal … Continue reading brexit, democracy and ‘the people’


left, right and party ‘cartels’

Following five German regional elections this year, there’s now a bit of a breather. Needless to say there’s been plenty of analysis, not least on TV talk shows, with guests from various parties chewing over what it all means. Beyond the percentages, plusses and minuses, something that’s really caught my attention is a renewed focus … Continue reading left, right and party ‘cartels’

after the brexit vote: more of the same — but more so?

This is the first of a series of posts reflecting on the Brexit vote. I did start writing an earlier piece trying to make sense of my feelings right after the result, but it was a little overwrought! Even now, nearly two weeks later, it’s difficult to keep up with all that’s happening. But ideas … Continue reading after the brexit vote: more of the same — but more so?

‘der brexit’? views from the german left

Recently we’ve heard voices from Germany urging the UK not to vote to leave the EU. Chancellor Angela Merkel stated, “I personally hope and wish that Britain will stay part and parcel of the European Union” before suggesting that the UK wouldn’t be able to achieve the same “quality of compromise” in post-Brexit negotiations. Meanwhile, … Continue reading ‘der brexit’? views from the german left