talking about antisemitism

Here's something I heard on Radio 4 the other week:  'Hatred that starts with Jews doesn't end with Jews.'¹ There's been a lot of focus on antisemitism lately. Antisemitism was a contributory factor in Labour's failure to gain control of a target council (Barnet) in recent local elections. It's also been something of a talking … Continue reading talking about antisemitism


the afd: more exposure, less threat?

Germany has embarked on its third ‘grand’ coalition government, with Angela Merkel sworn in as Chancellor for the fourth time. With the two main parties joined in government, the far-right AfD becomes the largest opposition party. The opposition also includes other parties, of course, both on the centre-right (FDP) and left (Greens, Die Linke, whose … Continue reading the afd: more exposure, less threat?

what’s in a name?

One eyebrow-raising idea from Germany’s new (old) coalition is the creation of a Heimatministerium -- a ‘Homeland Ministry’. Its remit is to push ahead with digitalisation and strengthen and develop rural areas, making these more attractive places for people and businesses. Article 72 of Germany's Basic Law refers to the establishment of ‘equivalent living conditions throughout the … Continue reading what’s in a name?