bookshops, of course… and liberty

Where would you go on a shopping spree?

My dream shopping spree? Definitely in a book shop. Or better still in several bookshops (it is a fantasy shopping spree after all). One would have to specialise in politics and history, another would have shelves packed with fiction in translation. Perhaps there’d be an author in store, reading and discussing their latest work. I’d go to the kind of bookshop you can walk into and say ‘I don’t know the book’s title or the author’s name, but it’s about…’ — and the staff know exactly what you mean. (This has happened quite a few times — thank you, Waterstones Barnet). With a full backpack, I’d head to a nearby café, where, over a very leisurly coffee, I’d leaf through my lovely books, one by one, deciding which to start with. Maybe then I’d order a second coffee and a cake (why not?) and settle down for some proper reading. Chapter One

Later on, I’d head to Liberty in central London. This has been a favourite destination since I was a child. My mother was a dressmaker; I vividly recall her softly running her hand across the rows of colourful twills, lawns and silks, and the excitement on her face when the assistant cut and folded her chosen fabric, lining and trimmings into the coveted purple carrier bag. I’m woefully lacking in sewing skills, so am more likly to be found adding to my collection of Liberty scarves, or choosing some quirky kitchenware. But because this is my dream shopping spree, this time I’d be upstairs in the furniture department. I’d be looking for that perfect table, large enough to accommodate so many activities all at once — work, cooking, eating, reading, games. Or a ‘statement’ chair or sofa, upholstered in a classic, oversized Liberty print. I’d give it a test run with one of my new books, to make sure it was also a suitably comfy reading spot. And if dreams really did come true, a beautiful antique Arts and Crafts piece.

Dream shopping spree over… now where would I put it all?

Liberty building image by Joss Rogers from Pixabay; books image by Amy from Pixabay 


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