about the green left hand

Think of this blog as a cross between a journal and a notebook. The journal is a space for thoughts, ideas and — maybe — occasional flashes of inspiration. Posts comment on current events and topics of interest and can often overlap with research themes, for example German politics. The notebook, on the other hand, is a place to record and reflect on the development of work in progress. Right now, that includes writing two papers for publication and the update, adaptation and publication of my doctoral thesis. So you can expect a mixture of personal takes on politics and issues of the day alongside thoughts specifically about research.

why ‘the green left hand’?

I wanted a name that said something about my political identity and aims for the blog. One day, my husband suggested Nick Cave’s The Red Right Hand as a title and hit the nail on the head. Well, sort of. Obviously, ‘right’ had to become ‘left’. I pondered ‘The Red Left Hand’ for a while, as it would be true to the song title, but felt it didn’t really capture the whole picture. Since my teens, I’ve been deeply drawn to Green principles, so customised the title a little more. And, of course, the ‘hand’ is essential for the activity of writing, especially as I still love to write longhand, with a real fountain pen and paper. So in a nutshell, the name sums up the character of what I hope to write on this blog.

what’s in the banner photo?

The photo was taken in our garden on a gloriously sunny day. In it you can see some items that are of sentimental value to me (the fountain pen and box of pencils), everyday objects for research and working life (the laptop, exercise book and diary) and things which just make life nicer (bluebells, tea in my favourite mug and, of course, biscuits for dunking). And I think that ‘Do what you love’ (printed on the pencil) is a great message.

and finally…

All views expressed in my posts are my own. I don’t subscribe to the idea that free speech has to be hurtful and I’ll always endeavour to write posts that are fair, informed and well considered. After all, I want to be proud of this blog. But as it is also my own space, neither do I feel the need to maintain ‘neutrality’ or to disguise my political and/or personal opinions.

Enjoy reading!