about me

I’m Valerie, author of The Green Left Hand blog. At the moment, I’m based in Heidelberg, Germany, where I work in adult education, translation and editing. Increasingly, though, my main focus is on research and writing. Parallel to work, I completed my PhD ‘Understanding the performance of the Left Party (Die Linke) in western Germany: a comparative analysis of Cartel and Social Cleavage theories as explanatory frameworks’. So as you might gather from that catchy title, I’m fascinated by German politics and the Left Party in particular. Undeterred by the long and often trying PhD experience, I’m delving deeper into some of my research interests, such as Left Party strategy and policy, social class and democratic representation. What’s more, post-PhD, and with the freedom to broaden some horizons, I’m keen to discover more about socialist and green parties/movements, and to explore political themes outside Germany, for instance in the UK (there’s plenty going on, after all) and Canada, a country I love visiting.

Whenever work permits, I’m at home in Barnet, North London. As for personal interests, these include left-wing, green and local politics (a special heads up to Barnet Green Party); vegetarianism and ending animal cruelty; experiencing the joy of live music; reading and film (authors whose work I love include Murakami, LeCarré and Yehoshua, and I can’t resist a classic Woody Allen film). As for political issues, one of the first demos I took part in, as a teenager, was with CND at the Aldermaston nuclear weapons base. After nearly thirty years, anti-nuclear campaigning is one activity I really look forward to giving up. Sadly, that’s not possible yet.


If you’d like to get in touch about something posted on the blog or about my research, please email me at thegreenlefthand@icloud.com.

I’m also on Twitter: @GreenLeftHand1.



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